Bid Procedure

Biosort Beringen NV, a subsidiary company of Bionerga NV (in the process of incorporation under Belgian law (vennootschap in oprichting/société en formation), has decided to develop an innovative material hub existing of two closely related sorting plants:

  • One which sorts 5 different waste fractions – waste collection bags collected by in one and the same garbage truck – by colour without damaging the waste collection bags.
  • One which sorts the P+MD, coming from the Optimo sorting plant, into 14 different fractions (e.g. alumina, steel, 4 different PET fractions, drink cartons, HDPE, PE, PP, PE foils, other foils, mixed plastics and residues) with a very high sorting efficiency.

Both high-tech sorting plants will be located in Ravenshout – Beringen, next to the newly built biosteam plant of Biostoom Beringen (an affiliate of Bionerga).

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